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“If You Need Reliable Pet Service Call Ace”

My name is Rick and I live alone with my three German Shorthaired Pointers. I travel extensively and have relied on Ace Pet Care to take care of my dogs – my children – for the past three years.

Anne and her husband, Cliff have continuously gone ‘above and beyond’ with the care of my boys. Specific examples of their dedication and care are too many to list. From filling holes to patching fence boards and making sure the yard is clean and hazard free, they do it all.

I can name a dozen times when I called Anne and asked her to make a visit with little or no notice. It has never been a problem.

The initiative that Anne and Cliff have shown is nothing but amazing and I trust them to make decisions when I am not available.

This letter cannot begin to explain how important Anne and Ace Pet Care are to me and my boys. I trust her completely and never worry about them when in their capable hands.

I urge you to call me on my cell phone at any time to discuss the capabilities and my personal experiences with Ace Pet Care.

Rick A.

“Best Pet Sitting Service In Austin”

Anne was the BEST Pet sitter I ever had and having a hard time finding one as reliable and trustworthy as her since my relocation. I also have 2 dogs and one cat, my Saint Bernard has food allergies against Fish, Milk and lamb products, so as far as cleaning and taking care of accidents, she was great! My Saint ended up having a lot of runny stools, and it was Anne that made me aware of this, so I took him to the Vet, and found out he had food allergies. I have a very hard time in trusting people with my pets, because I consider them my kids, so I called Anne several times and would email continuously about them, she responded promptly and reassured me that things were fine and how they were doing.

She also would leave me notes at the house when I came home, which I thought was awesome. She also took in my newspapers and would check my mail everyday, turn on lights, opening and closing of blinds, so it looked like the house was being occupied. I NEVER found anything missing or out of place! My cat is kind of honorary and likes to get on my wall unit and knock things down, he broke a crystal glass once and Anne let me know right away, and left the broken pieces in a safe place for me to see, where my kids (pets) couldn’t get hurt. I wish she were here, because it’s been very hard to find someone who loves, cares and is as responsible as her.

Cathy K.

“Outstanding Response to Geriatric Pets”

I have used pet sitting services for more than fifteen years, and I have been a client of Ace Pet Care for the past four. While I find most people in the pet-sitting business to be generally friendly and responsible, Anne’s caring attitude and attention to detail have stood out to me. The big difference is that Anne made the effort to genuinely get to know my dogs – specifically their individual personalities and moods – very well. This trait is very important to someone like me who views my dogs as family members, not just pets.

As my dogs have grown older, Anne has been outstanding in responding to the difficulties of geriatric pets: handling medication and special needs with the upmost attention to detail. I have never hesitated to leave my dogs in her care, even when I am forced to leave town on business. In short, I highly recommend Anne to anyone who is considering her services.

Gary O.

“While Traveling Ace is There for My Pets & Home”

The day I discovered Ace Pet Care was a great day for my pet and me. The professional demeanor and customer-friendly approach of Anne and Cliff convinced me to try their service and I have never been more pleased. During my frequent travels, I’ve used Ace Pet regularly for brief or extended periods and sometimes on short notice.

I find it very comforting to get email updates and pictures of Jazz while I’m away. Anne takes excellent care of Jazz and frequently provides light maintenance such as wrapping my pipes, watering plants, tightening locks and changing light bulbs as needed. Additionally, there have been times that Anne shopped for litter or food for Jazz.

I find travel to be much less stressful knowing that Anne and Cliff are keeping me informed regarding things at my home and taking such good care of Jazz. Jazz even seems to look forward to their visits for feeding and play which really speaks volumes to their excellence (she’s a cat after all). The dependability of Anne and Cliff is another aspect that I compliment. It is so nice to leave home and know that I can rely on their honesty and integrity in caring for Jazz and her environment until my return.

When I return from my travel, I am pleased to find Jazz well cared for and content. I highly recommend Ace Pet Care for pets and families.

Rita S.

“Competent & Reliable Pet Sitters”

On behalf of my husband Steven and I, and our 5 dogs, I would like to give the highest recommendation for Anne and Cliff of Ace Pet Care! We have worked with Anne and Cliff for about a year and a half and they have always been professional, reliable, courteous and (most importantly) kind to our ‘kids’. With this many animals, it is very important that our petsitters be special people who love animals and who are competent to take appropriate action in any circumstance.

We trust Anne and Cliff to handle any situation, and in fact, recently utilized their ‘pet taxi’ service to pick up our dogs and bring them home from a boarding kennel so they’d be home when we returned from vacation that night. I knew our pets would be happy to see Anne and Cliff come to pick them up and take them home.

I know that Cliff and Anne provide quality service from my own experience, but the biggest endorsement comes from our pets who get so excited to see them!

Della L.

“Best Cat Sitters in Austin”

If you want a pet sitter who is reliable, conscientious, concerned, empathetic, flexible, AND fun loving, then you need Ace Pet Care. The best part of Ziggy’s day is going for a walk with Anne and Cliff. My cats, Angel and Cowboy think Anne and Cliff are the cat’s meow. And the best part of mom’s day is coming home to the hilarious notes left by APC about my babies’ escapades.

Jeanne P.

“Attentive, reliable and Conscientious”

This letter is to attest to the business excellence of Ace Pet Care. I have been using this service for almost 2 years and have never had a bad experience. They are attentive, reliable and conscientious. My animals: two dogs, fifteen goldfish and a gecko are tended to just as I would do it myself. Since they come to my home it is almost like having a house sitter. They care as if the animals were their own. I have recommended them to many of my friends and will continue to do so.

Jim M.

“Great Personalized Dog Sitter”

I have used Ace Pet Care for several years and would highly recommend Anne and Cliff to take care of your furry pets. I have 2 highly active dogs and they love their daily visits. Having a personalized dog sitter is a great alternative to doggie day care and my dogs love the extra attention. Ace Pet Care offers daily walks, trips to the park, and tons of play time. I receive daily updates of their visit, meds provided and even pictures sometimes when I travel. It is a great comfort to know they are taken care of when I am away from my home and I know they are in good hands. Anne and Cliff are also wonderful at letting me know if something needs repaired around the house. I think of Cliff as my pseudo husband as he helps me with minor repairs as needed. If you are looking for good service and someone reliable to take care of your four-legged pals, Ace Pet Care is the best service available!

Debbie A.