Halloween Pet Safety Tips Every Austinite Should Know

Halloween is a happy and fun time for us all. For pets, though, it could hold some hidden dangers. Today, we are going to look at Halloween, foods to be careful of and more. We at Ace Pet Care want to wish you and your family a Happy Halloween. With the smiles and excitement of trick-or-treating and dress-up, there are also some points to keep in mind for your pet. This article is an update to our previous article on pet safety tips for Halloween.  
Halloween Pet Safety TipsHalloween is here! While it is a time of fun dress up, treats and excitement for our #pets, this holiday can also hold subtle dangers for our #dogs and #cats. In this video, we look at some pet safety tips for you to use during #halloween.http://acepetcare.net/pet-safety-matters/halloween-pet-safety-tips-everyone-austinite-should-know/We look at:* Halloween Treats and Foods* Halloween Outfits and Dress-up* Other considerations like trick-or-treaters, candles and outside pet playHalloween is a fun time to be celebrated. With these tips, we hope you have a safe and happy Halloween holiday.Are you looking for a caring dog walker or pet sitter in southwest #austin? Call Ace Pet Care today at (512)484-5840. October and Fall dates are filling FAST. And, “sweet” discounts are available for daily dog walking and daily pet sitting appointments. Give us a call to find out more! Posted by Ace Pet Care on Friday, October 9, 2015

Halloween Foods to Watch

The primary food-related visit veterinarians see this time of year involves chocolate. Whether it is dark, milk, or baker’s chocolate (Surprisingly, dogs can eat white chocolate because it does not contain the chemical theobromine), these are all harmful to your pet. Take special precautions, as the symptoms of chocolate poisoning can sometimes start as only heavy panting and breathing, but could lead to seizures and death if untreated. Another hazard is Xylitol. This is an additive sweetener used by humans. If your pet ingest it, they could experience a rapid decrease in their blood sugar. Be mindful of those artificial sweeteners and candies. You also need to be mindful of all of the extra candy wrappers and packages. Dogs and cats have very sensitive smell – and are inquisitive. This could lead to exploring and eating these plastic and cellophane wrappers. Choking can be occur, as well as intestinal obstructions. The final issue is alcohol. It is not fun, nor funny, to see your pet tipsy. Instead, you could be killing your pet through the laughter. Never give an animal alcohol. If your pet consumes any of these items, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Halloween Outfits and Costumes

Halloween might be a time for you to dress up your cat or dog. But if you do, you should take a few precautions to make sure you aren’t harming them in the long-term. First, don’t use outfits that have rubber bands to secure the costume to your pet. Not only are these choking hazards, but can also have long-term effects like becoming embedded in your pet’s skin if forgotten. Another danger could be in the fit of the costume. Costumes that are too tight could prevent full breathing, restrict movement and even cut off circulation. Outfits that are too large could pose entanglement and vision issues with your dog or cat. Finally, ONLY choose flame and fire retardant materials.

Other Halloween Pet Tips

Other Halloween tips that I want to mention involve your pet’s involvement with outside people. Remember, with more excitement, comes more foot-traffic and more people. So be careful if your pet is outdoors. Never leave them unattended, as you might find them being teased, harmed or even stolen. If you are inviting trick-or-treaters over, keep not only your pet’s negative temperament in mind, but also their loving and inquisitive part. When new people come to the door, they might try to bolt, bark or run. It might even be a good idea to make them up another room on another level of the house, or use a baby-gate to partition them from the door for the night. Finally be mindful when using lit candles on Halloween. I have found cats, especially, are likely to walk where they like, and possibly tip them over. This could result in a fire or burns to your pet.
Happy Halloween with Pets

Final Happy Halloween Thoughts

While this article mentions some of the dangers of Halloween for your pets, there is also a lot of fun, excitement and happiness to be had. From Ace Pet Care, we wish you and your pet family a fun, safe and happy Halloween!