Austin Surfaces and Healthy Dog Paws

Many dogs go through the summer, not worrying about pain, tenderness or the discomfort of paw pad blisters. Today, we’ve put together a great infographic about dog’s paws, surfaces that help and hurt, as well as how to know when hot is “too hot” for your dog’s paws!

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What you should know, what we Ace Pet Care, a professional dog walker in Austin, wants to convey is this biggest tip when it comes to walking your dog in the hot Summer days… The summer temperatures are best avoided by walking your dog in the very early morning and late evening.

Austin heat is bad for your dog; and for you

The heat can be a killer. Not only are the air temperatures hot on our skin, but the pavement and asphalt can continually increase in temperatures. How high? Try 125-145 degrees Fahrenheit in many cases when it gets to be 100 degrees and higher. The best bet for walking your dog is to always walk in the very early morning, and the very late night. If you stick away from the midday sun, you not only help your dog’s paw health, but also your own. Heat stroke, sunburn and even sun poisoning are all real issues that can hold long-term side effects. Stick to shaded areas during your walks. Carry the Austin dog walker’s toolkit with you. Stick to grass above all other surfaces. If you have to leave the coolness and comfort of the grass, find lighter gravels, sands and even dirt. And what if you must go out? How do you know when hot is “too hot”?

Time to use the “5 Second Test”

The “5 Second Test” was made popular, and viral, but Moon Valley Canine Training in a post on their Facebook page. And, this is extremely simple…

Is the asphalt too hot for my dog?

1. Place the back of your hand on the surface
2. How it there for 5 seconds
3. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog!
Stick to these tips, stay hydrated and also be sure where you are walking, as well as your dog, and you will have a great end to your summer!
Austin Surfaces and Healthy Dog Paws
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Austin Surfaces and Healthy Dog Paws
The Austin heat makes dog walks tough for most dogs. What surfaces hurt your dog's paws the most? What is the 5-second rule for testing asphalt surfaces?