Austin Dog Walking Toolkit [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Austin heat can be dangerous for everyone going out in it. For most dogs, our uncomfortable turns into a dangerous possibility. Today, we have the Austin Dog Walk Toolkit [INFOGRAPHIC] for you to use.

Professional Austin Dog Walking Toolkit | Ace Pet Care

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Before we talk about how Ace Pet Care, a professional dog walker in Austin, handles the hot Texas summers, something should be said:

Austin heat is lethal. Most dogs can bare it, but only early morning and late evening walks are recommended!

When you do take your dog out, what should you be bringing? What do you need for you, and what do you need for your dog?

Austin dog walking needs

The primary thing that you will need is hydration – this means a lot of water! For most dog walks we bring a pint or a quart of water for both the dog and the dog walker.

But what does your dog drink out of? It is fine and good to bring along water bottle after water bottle on your dog walks, but if you pet cannot drink, then that is no good.

The best item I can recommend, is the one we at Ace Pet Care use – a collapsible bowl. These bowls can be very compact, and be carried everywhere. They can also hold a large amount of liquid at one time; more than enough for a mid-walk drink!

For short hair and no-hair breeds, we ALWAYS carry pet sunblock. Most dog owners forget that their dog’s skin is similar in it’s ability to burn as our own.

Finally, if the breed of dog is a short-nose, or simply has trouble breathing, in the heat or needs it, we carry an ice pack or two. During shaded and constant breaks, we rub the ice packs across the neck and chest, then back of the dog to bring it’s heat down.

The “Toolkit” is not only for the dogs

Like our dog counter-parts, two items are essential to each dog walk we are a part of – sunblock and plenty of water. We also make sure that we, as well as our dog clients, are well-shaded and hydrated.

Sunglasses are also an essential part of the dog walk. Glare can come in many forms, just like in the winter with snow. Also, even on overcast days, you can suffer exposure to sunlight – and your eyes can feel that pain.

If you want to be comfortable, you should also wear loose, light clothing. Your body needs the air to breathe, and lighter weights and colors of clothing will prevent heat capture. Also, a quality walking shoes are definitely part of what takes a terribly awful walk and turns it into something more comfortable.

Finally, ALWAYS choose grass to walk on

A dog’s paws are an overlooked body part that can suffer severe harm and damage from hot Austin dog walks. Because of this, we keep the dog walks are close to grass as much as possible. Remember, concrete and asphalt can reach temperatures that could double what the air temperatures are – or enough to cook eggs.

To know whether a surface is too hot, just your palm. If you can comfortably rest your bare palm on the surface of the material, then your dog’s paws will be just as comfortable. However, if the material is so hot you can barely touch it, think about the damage that your pet might suffer from constantly being in contact with it.

Austin Dog Walking Toolkit [INFOGRAPHIC]
Article Name
Austin Dog Walking Toolkit [INFOGRAPHIC]
The Austin heat can be dangerous for everyone going out in it, including pets. Today, we have the Austin Dog Walk Toolkit from Ace Pet Care.