Thanksgiving and Christmas Travel: 7 Reasons Pets On Vacation Might Not Be For You

Thanksgiving and Christmas travel can pose a serious question; do you travel with your pets on vacation, or not? For some people, traveling with their furry friends can be an exciting and fun adventure. For most parents, it causes more stress and difficulty. Which side are you on? With the holiday season upcoming, we’ll be looking at your pet and if traveling is something that you should do with them. We’ll help you answer questions about your pet, how they respond to change, and if you are ready for that extra work.
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1 – Traveling with pets means double planning

Traveling with pets during Thanksgiving and Christmas can yield a lot of extra work. Traveling with pets adds to workload and planning simply because it is very similar to traveling with a child or two (or three?). However, if you are a veteran to traveling with your dog or cat, this might make things easier and quicker for you. If you travel, be sure all of your pet’s needs are taken care of. Remember all medications, as well as any specialty foods or treats. As well, be sure to purchase the correct harness or traveling crate for your vehicle or airline.

2 – Your pet isn’t friendly with new people

Some pets, especially dogs, just do not like unfamiliar people. During traveling, especially if on an airplane, seeing unfamiliar people is likely the norm. During car trips, this might not be the case – however, if visiting, this could become an issue. Also, note that this doesn’t necessarily mean only aggressive pets have issues. Some pets just do not respond well to new people. And, in that “fight or flight” desperation, situations can develop.

3 – Your pet might not travel well

You may have attempted to travel previously with your pet. Unfortunately, he or she might have been a bundle of nerves and stress that was never relieved until home. What’s worse, because of this stress, they might have even have become unexpectedly aggressive or hostile. One issue you should be aware of, especially if you are traveling long distances, is to stop very often. Dogs and cats, even in traveling crates, can become very excited (and loud). Also, be sure to correctly restrain your pet. Just like children, police in some areas can issue a fine upwards of $1000 for incorrectly transported pets.
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4 – Health issues might make it a ‘no’

Health issues and health care is always a consideration for anything that you do with your pet. Some pets, physically, cannot travel; some not even in a car ride. The health and ability of your pet to travel should be discussed with your veterinarian as soon as possible before your vacation. Elderly pets and severely ill pets are not the only dogs and cats to worry about. Pets that have incontinence issues, as well as pets requiring medications during specific times might make travel nearly impossible.

5 – Meeting your quality and comfort expectations becomes tougher

Let’s face it, we love our pets. Cats get climbing trees, shelves and even have a specific walking trail when outside. Dogs have a favorite pillow, play-spot and ‘hole’ outside. As pet moms and pet dads, we’ve giving our furkids these comforts throughout our homes; because our homes are theirs as well. When traveling, their surroundings change – often times, this can be a severely distressing change. This is true for the mode of travel (car, airplane, etc), as well as where your destination is (hotel, family member’s home, etc).
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6 – Not every city is as pet-friendly as Austin

Austin, Texas is the most dog friendly city in the United States. However, not every city in the United States, nor the world, can boast the amount of businesses and organizations that are this pet-friendly. Research and planning become a requirement when visiting a new city. Even though not every city is as pet-friendly as Austin, most major cities are becoming more and more aware and accommodating of pets and pet moms and pet dads. Here is a list of the top ten dog-friendly cities in the U.S.

7 – Your pet’s habits and your habits are both broken

Our pets are all about habits. This is a great thing…for most days. However, when traveling with pets, those habits escape us. Planning meal times, and potty breaks becomes a larger issue. And, unfortunately, if there are flight delays, you might have more than you can handle. This is probably one of the biggest reasons I’ve heard for people to hire pet sitters while on a Thanksgiving or Christmas vacation.

Does your pet have any of these issues?

Traveling with your pet can be fun. And, even with one of the above issues being true, you can travel with your cat or dog, and the trip be a success. However, you might want to experience a calmer, and less stressful vacation this holiday season. If you do, then hiring a professional pet sitter is your best bet.
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Are you traveling with your pet this Thanksgiving? Or, are you hiring a pet sitter while on holiday vacation?