Austin pet sitting professionals versus hobbyists [INFOGRAPHIC]

Professional Austin pet sitters know something the general public might not – we are worth it! Costs aside, region aside, the truest value of hiring a professional pet sitter is the long-term comfort and security that one brings. In the end, the happier and safer you and you furkid are, the better

Today, I would like to expand on our previous article concerning professional pet sitters versus hobbyists from last year.

Want something a little bit more visual?

Professional Austin pet sitter versus hobby pet sitter

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As you can see, there are many differences in whom you choose to trust your furkid with as far as pet sitting goes.

Legal, health and security issues

The first item that I want to point out is that professional pet sitters carry insurance. Not only this, but we use contracts and emergency forms. As well, a professional pet sitter will ALWAYS be bonded and trained.

A hobbyist, on the other hand, might only give their word concerning what you need to be done.

Professional pet sitters stay professional

As a professional Austin pet sitter, my business is pet sitting. I have had times, (over the last two weeks I’ve actually had three), in which I’ve received phone calls from clients throughout the night because they need my assistance. While I cannot deliver 24 hour assistance to everyone, my customers and clients know that they can depend on me staying professional.

What were the emergencies, you might be wondering?

One was a hobbyist pet sitter misplacing the keys and needing to get into the home to feed and walk the owner’s furkid. Another was a dog that was in the sun and heat too long, and suffered a fairly serious amount of injury from heatstroke and internal organ injuries. Another was a simple case of a cancellation by their neighbor at the last minute to feed, walk and play with their furkid for the weekend.

As stated, I am there for my clients because I keep records, provide expertise and also am there. My job, for 24 hours a day, is as a “pet sitter”.

With a hobbyist, this is not always the case. With Ace Pet Care, a scheduled appointment is met, on-time – and we are there for you!

Professionals mean real value

Are you thinking about using a hobbyist pet sitter in your home sometime this summer while on vacation? Can you depend on them? The cost might be cheaper, but what could be the long-term issues that you might pay for in the end?

  • Missed appointments and scheduled time for your furkid
  • Misplaced keys and directions
  • No training so if an emergency occurs, what ‘could’ happen?
  • Destruction of property in small forms (missing items, food gone, etc)
  • Destruction of property in large forms (theft, stolen animals, parties in your home, etc)
  • Or, the worst – mistreatment of your furkid

Final thoughts on going pro

Not every decision should be about price and cost. Because, in the end, using a hobby pet sitter might cost you the most important thing that you own – your furkid.

Go with the real value, and choose professional pet sitting in Austin for your next vacation, trip, work needs or in home pet sitting needs.

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Austin pet sitting professionals versus hobbyists: what you need to know!
Article Name
Austin pet sitting professionals versus hobbyists: what you need to know!
Are you thinking about choosing a hobby pet sitter? It might cost you A LOT more in the end. Go with professional Austin pet sitting today for real value.