Dog Walker & Socializing in Austin

Dog walking in Austin can be a great relief to both dogs, as well as their mom and pop. Dogs kept inside all day can develop social regression in small scales, and can even develop stress and depression in the long term. Aside from the psychological reasons, their physical health is greatly increased through midday dog walks.

This is why Ace Pet Care recommends dog walking in Austin and pet sitting for your furry friends if they must be alone for a time.

Southwest Austin Dog Walking Expert | Ace Pet Care

To make your dog happy, and to make you feel the same, we recommend dog walking and social events for your furkid. For more information, please give us a call right now at (512)484-5840.

Austin Dog Walking Services

A tired dog is a good dog! With our dog walking services we provide a 20 minute walk. This is a great way for dogs to get the exercise they need and it can reduce behavior problems.

Dogs can be walked according to special techniques you use. Why would we want to disrupt your furkid’s fun and habits?

Safety is first with Ace Pet Care during dog walks! A harness, no-slip collar or gentle leader is used. Fresh water, and when applicable, treats and/or Kongs, are provided/stuffed upon departure.

We also can provide a daily log describing our walk, and your dog’s activities.

Dog Social Hour

Socializing your dog makes for a happy, healthier and friendlier dog. We understand that attention is the #1 thing you want to give your dog, but sometimes there are not enough hours in the day.

Why not book them for our social hour; a 60-minute pet-friendly outing that includes a choice of the following dog-friendly and pet-safe activities!

  • a visit to a doggy bakery for a treat
  • a leashed walk in a park
  • a trip to a dog-friendly restaurant for a safe snack
  • a trip to a local ice cream parlor for a specialty doggy ice cream

We customize this service to meet your preferences and the likes of your dog. After all, we are most happy when you and your furkid are!