13 Reasons why in your home pet sitting in Austin from professionals is incredible

There are many reasons to choose an in your home Austin pet sitting professional like Ace Pet Care. While this is true, many people rely on neighbors, college students and even Craigslist for unknown help. The surface problem is time spent, but there might be many more issues hidden underneath…

Maybe you have seen ads for a local pet sitting business in Austin, or two? After all, Austin is arguably the most pet-friendly city in the United States (if not the world!). Have you purchased any dog sitting services? Maybe you have thought about cat sitting while you were on a trip?

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According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), pet services spending on our furry-friends is expected to increase from $4.84 Billion in 2014, to 2015’s $5.24 Billion totals. This is ONLY including services like grooming, boarding and sitting.

And, according to the APPA’s research, there are well over 160 Million cats and dogs with pet moms and dads in the United States. The totals doubles when you consider the 150 Million+ fish, horses, birds and reptiles.

As you can see, you are not alone.

The main reasons to choose in-home pet sitting

The biggest reason to choose in home pet sitting is for your pet. Keeping your furkid in their own environment, not having to worry about any travel nor transportation, as well as the security pros are all reasons to select a trusted pet sitter.

“But, why should I choose in your home pet sitting?”

I’m glad you asked!

1 – Security of “in your home” sitting

Your home’s security is as much of a concern as your pet’s health and safety while you are away. With a professional pet sitter, you can add additional services, or purchase a house sitting package. Services that could be included for additional house security while you are away:

  • Turning exterior lights on and off at appropriate times
  • Turning interior lights, television and even the radio on and off
  • Pulling curtains and shades as necessary
  • Grabbing the mail, newspapers, magazines and packages
  • Physically having someone seen in your home
Pet sitting and house sitting under lock

2 – Experience means less incidents

Murphy’s Law being what it is means that you must plan for anything – because that just might be what you are dealing with. When you hire a professional pet sitter and house sitting expert, what happens to Murphy’s Law? Well it might not disappear, but the ability of the problems seems to all but fade away.

Experience in house sitting and pet sitting means years of seeing the issues prior to them occurring. This means understanding breeds, moods, behaviors and even possible issues before they become the present.

3 – “I’m bonded and insured”

Being bonded and insured should be one of the very first questions you ask any pet sitter, in Austin or elsewhere, when it comes to hiring them for services. Being bonded means that a home owner is protected against a pet sitters’ actions, when criminal. Conversely, an insured pet sitter protects the home owner against accidents occuring in the home.

Professional pet sitters, professional house sitters, as well as most professional dog walkers, can and will carry both insurance and be bonded. This is a safeguard, not just for their business, but for you as the home owner and pet owner.

4 – Relationship with other pet professionals

My doctor makes recommendations when I need further treatment. For instance, if I need to see a cardiologist or a neurologist, my doctor simply doesn’t change his hat – he directs me to another professional that he has a trusted relationship with.

The same could be said for pet care service professionals. Everything from veterinarians, pet nutritionists, dog behaviorists, pet sitters, dog sitting experts and more…we all know and trust other members of this industry.

The relationships lead to knowledge. And this knowledge can be invaluable as your pet has issues, as you have concerns and even when you have common questions. Why find the answers online over hours, when you can turn to someone that has access to the answers immediately, from trusted sources?

Pet sitting lists

5 – Have your needs met and lists followed

When you cannot be there, the pet sitter that you hire is. A professional pet sitter will follow a habit that you have laid out with your pet (feeding times, walking times, playtimes and even when the TV is on or off).

The real goal for a professional pet sitter is not to gather revenue…it’s to make sure that your needs, and your pet care needs, are met. Using a list, having notes and even keeping updates means that your needs are met. Any pet sitter should be able to do just that.

6 – Contracts…because ‘legally’ is better than ‘hopefully’

Legal documents are large part of a working relationship. A professional pet sitter will be coming into your home, and building a working relationship from trust. Having a legal document, something that walks you are the home owner and pet mom or pet dad, along with the pet sitter, through the process, builds that initial trust. Hobbyist pet sitters usually do not go through the time, nor expense, of having any legal documentation drawn up for this process.

7 – “I’m a pet sitter 24 hours a day…and you?”

Hiring a professional pet sitter for in your home pet care is wise, because this is their occupation. 24 hours a day, I am a professional pet sitter. If I am not pet sitting or dog sitting, I am dog walking. If I am not doing either of these, I am house sitting. And, if I am not doing this, I am with my furkids, training, reading, etc.

Choosing “in your home” pet sitting means that you have a person who has been trained, and constantly growing in their experience, in your home. Your pet’s cycles are not broken, and they are with a full-time, trusted pet care provider.

8 – Medical training and care count

Are you currently trained in pet first aid and medical treatment for pets? We cannot all be veterinarians, but emergency care might be something to look into.

For an in home pet sitter, emergency training and pet first aid is a requirement. With a decade of experience, Ace Pet Care has a lot of training and experience with multiple health issues and emergencies. A definite plus when you are gone on a trip, or even for a midday visit!

For instance, one of the services we offer are topical application of medicines during visits. This is especially helpful and essential if you are gone for a weekend or an overnight, and want to make sure that your furkid is receiving medical care.

9 – Know the location and know how to make it fun

Austin is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the country (if not the world). Over the last decade of service, and residence here, I’ve found many places to visit, for treats, for fun with my pets; and with clients! Knowing the general area, what businesses are friendly and which are friendly is an important part of dog walking and dog sitting.

10 – No contracted employees are EVER used

In home pet sitting is split between contracted employees (people a company hires), or what Ace Pet Care does, which is work as a mom and pop business. Basically, with Ace Pet Care, who you hire, is who you see…always! We never have hired, nor will we, any outside contractors. Our experience is who you purchase services from and for, and that is who is in your home.

Calm cat, happy pet

11 – Your furkid knows us and are happier

In home visits also have the benefit of seeing your dog sitter or cat sitter be the face of the business in your home, caring for your pets. Without this relationship, your pet could go through a “stranger-danger” syndrome, causing injury. With this relationship of familiarity, your furkid is not only cared for by an experienced and knowledgeable professional, but your pet also shares a connection with them – they learn from the pet sitter, and the pet sitter learns from them.

This is most clear with a recent client I had for an overnight stay. After the initial discussion with my client, I noticed that her dog had nothing large to chew on (nothing chewy, nothing ‘bitey’). During the overnight, I brought a small dog Kong for her dog. Not only did he love it, but it became his favorite toy.

12 – Dog kennels mean their schedule, “in your home” sitting means yours

The largest issue I have had, and heard from various pet owners, is that a habit or schedule is broken with their pets using dog kennels or boarding. However, with in home dog sitting, feeding schedules, walks and even playtime schedules are NEVER altered. Cat feedings, litter cleaning and playtime all remain unchanged in their day-to-day lives. Basically, with in your home pet care, we can adhere to them exactly as needed.

13 – Pet boarding can mean stressed out furkids

Your pet can be stressed. Anxiety can fill them based on change. This could be your schedule changing, feeding times changing, as well as their location.

Pet boarding and kennels, while they serve a great purpose if your pet enjoys them, can cause more stress for most pets. This is because their whole environment changes. Overnight, their normal spots for sleep, rest, play and feeding all change.

With in your home pet care, they will miss you, but their entire schedule and environment stays in tact. Their stress is minimized, and their anxiety is nearly eliminated.

Pet sitting services in Austin

In home care, means happier pets!

Ace Pet Care offers “in your home” pet sitting. So, for us, we want you to use the service. However, even if you are not our client, we recommend the service for many reasons. Less stress in your pets, better home security and happier pets all are huge benefits that you cannot put a price tag on.

If you are looking for an in your home pet sitter in southwest Austin, or have additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask us! Call us at (512)484-5840 right now, or contact Ace Pet Care today (most request are responded to within 12-24 hours).