In your home Austin pet sitting expert: Reasons to say ‘YES!’

Austin pet sitting, when you need professional help, can be a welcome and comforting service. In fact, “in your home” Austin pet sitting can allow for your Texan furkid to be more calm, stress-free and can even give you peace of mind.

Is this what you are looking for?

Then, contact Ace Pet Care right now via email or call us at (512)484-5840 today. Dates are filling up very fast, so don’t hesitate.

Otherwise, read on to find out who Ace Pet Care is, how we can help you and your furkid with our pet sitting services and more.

At Ace Pet Care, you will find a friendly wife and husband staff that puts your furkid’s needs above all else. Whether you are looking for a few daily visits for your cat or dog, daily dog walking services or even a home sitting service, we are for you.

Why “in home” pet sitting makes sense

Let’s face it, we love our pets like our kids – hence why we refer to our clients as furkids. And I’m sure that leaving your kid for any period of time can be stressful for you.

But what about them?

In Home Pet Sitting Might Be Better Than Pet Boarding and Kenneling

With Ace Pet Care, you will be using a trusted and experience house sitter service. We are bonded and insured in the state of Texas. We also have nearly ten years of professional experience operating in the Austin area for dog sitting, cat sitting and housesitting services.

And this makes sense for your needs.

Pet boarding, dog kennels and dog day care is not for every pet. In fact, if this is your first vacation, a new environment might cause fairly severe stress and anxiety. Depending on your furkid, kenneling and dog boarding might not be a possibility either.

Why is that the case?

Animals, just like humans, can experience various levels of stress, anxiety and excitement, just like happiness, contentment and calm. And, much like humans, not every large event, like a move, death in the family, new schedule or even vacation, will be 100% stress-free.

Choose Ace Pet Care for in-home pet sitting

There are many reasons why Ace Pet Care should be your choice for your Austin house sitting and pet sitting services. However, we are going to narrow them down to these three…

1 – Your furkid’s stress goes to zero in most circumstances

Nobody likes change. This includes your pets.

The simple fact of the matter when it comes to in home pet sitting is that your pet can stay in their home environment. The separation between you and them is going to be tough enough…why make it tougher?

In Home Pet Sitting Means Happy and Healthy Furkids

Because in house pet sitting is chosen, your furkid is cared for much the same way you would. Many times, we have habits and schedules that our furkids are used to. At Ace Pet Care, we continue these during our visits.

  • Pee and yard breaks
  • Specific meal times
  • Specific play and activity times
  • Socializing times and locations
  • Treats (type and times)

The issue with boarding and kennels is that the above, what makes your furkid the MOST happy, is on their time and not your pet’s time. This can add stress and anxiety to a situation for your pets that is already filled with both.

2 – Your pet sitter is doing more than just “pet things”

Depending on the service ordered, selecting Ace Pet Care as your inhouse pet sitter means you get a little extra. Remember, you are away on vacation. Extended trips could mean issues with not knowing about your home, its security and your home’s safety.

However, with an in home sitter, your home is as safe as your pet.

Schedule your in home pet sitting in Southwest Austin Texas now

Ace Pet Care is insured through Business Insurers of the Carolinas. We are also bonded through Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America.

To feel truly safe, we can also, upon request:

  • Collect mail and newspapers
  • Turn off and on the lights
  • Open and close drapes and shades
  • Turn the television and radio on and off
  • Actively move outside to show activity

Basically, an in home pet sitter is also your in house burglary deterrent in many ways. Although the cost of in home pet sitting and house sitting can be more than pet boarding, the true value of this peace of mind for yourself for your home security is real and without a price tag.

3 – Kennel cough is real

You might have heard about kennel cough, otherwise known as Bordetella. This is a virus that is highly contagious, and can quickly and easily spread through a kennel.

We’re sorry. We don’t want to scare you at all.

But the seriousness of this condition is real, and so is your pet’s reaction to it. Symptoms can include:

  • Fever
  • Lethargy
  • Honking cough (sounds of a goose)

Furkids with symptoms and this diagnosis need to be separated from other animals. If your furkid is diagnosed with kennel cough, he or she will be prescribed with antibiotics. Treatment is also aided with a humidifier to ease these symptoms, or a steam filled bathroom from a shower.

In Home Pet Sitting Helps to Hault Health Concerns and Kennel Cough

The nature of a kennel, close quarters and with numerous clients, allows for the quick airborne transmission of the virus.

In contrast, an in home pet sitter not only limits transmission of the virus, but also prevents your furkid from direct contact with animals. And, because a healthy furkid is happy and comfortable, in home pet sitting is a superior option.

Who is Ace Pet Care?

Ace Pet Care is the number one mom and pop pet sitter in Southwest Austin. Quite literally, from the time you call Ace Pet Care at (512)484-5840 or by emailing, you know who will be in your home.

Ace Pet Care provides quality, in-home local dog sitting, Austin cat sitting and local house sitting for residents primarily in the 78749 and 78739 zip codes in Southwest Austin. For those outside or close to being outside of this area, concessions may be made depending on the sitting service needed.

Schedule your in home pet sitting in Southwest Austin Texas now

Are you leaving for vacation and want the security and comfort of an in-home pet sitting expert? Are you looking for a daily dog sitting, cat sitting or other pet sitting expert for your furkid or valued pet?

Call us today at (512)484-5840, or email us. We can discuss your pet needs, your sitting needs and more.

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