Austin Dog Sitting: In Your Home And Done Right!

Ace Pet Care, your Austin dog sitter, provides many dog sitting services. Your needs are met from our first meeting, through our first visits, into years of services for you and your furkid.

What can you expect from dog sitting? What are our service rates, time-frames and requirements? And why is Ace Pet Care different…meaning, why choose Ace Pet Care for your Austin dog sitting needs?

  • Affordable dog sitting in Southwest Austin
  • Potty breaks for your dog
  • Fresh water, fresh food and even treats
  • More secure home while away
  • Healthier, happier dog welcoming you
  • Overnight “in your home” dog sitting stays
  • 10 years experience dog sitting in Austin
  • Safe and secure (insured and bonded to operate)

Do you want to learn more? Then please, read on, or click the button below to schedule your first dog sitting visit.

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Why choose vacation care dog sitting?

In your home pet sitting is the only real choice when it comes to your canine. With a daily service, your needs are better met to match your schedule, and theirs. Plus, with daily dog sitting visits, many health-related issues are avoided.

For instance, your pet gets to stay right at home enjoying his secure, familiar surroundings, exercise routines, toys, mealtimes and bedding. This is the least stressful place for your pet to stay while you are away. And, your pet avoids exposure to illness, parasites, and harm from other boarded pets.

What can you expect during vacation care pet sitting?

We follow your routine as closely as possible. Your pet’s emotional and physical well-being and comfort is of primary importance to us. Fresh food and water are served. Your pets are played with, exercised, given walks if requested, brushed, and receive lots of cuddles and treats. We can give medication and vitamins and other special care. We recommend at least two visits a day. Each of the visits last up to 30 minutes at a time. We can also combine services, upon request and as agreed upon.

Also, your house is more secure as it is being looked after while you are away. By having someone visit your home, it is constantly occupied. We can bring in your mail and newspapers. We can also turn on lights and open shades in the morning, and close your drapes and turn on your lights at night. Plus, anyone that sees your home sees constant attention, and never the “no one is at home” look.

We, at Ace Pet Care, are insured and bonded. Meaning, security, safety and trust when we are in your home. As well, we never hire outside contractors as pet sitters, so you always know who is entering your home and taking care of your pet and your pet always has the same pet sitter he has come to know and love.

Should I hire a pet sitter if I work long hours?

There are many similarities and correlations between boredom and separation anxiety in dogs. However, the differences between the two are where problems can grow. Nervousness, “jitterness” and loss of appetite are all conditions of separation anxiety.

Excessive energy, beyond the normal “you are FINALLY home, please pet me, love me, pet me again” that I’m sure you are used to, can be an issue. Excessive energy means that your dog is fairly stagnant during the day, and releases all of that energy out at once when you return home.

They can be fairly calmed with a few daily visits to your home each day. Just like in humans with having dogs, a dog around a person feels the bond, calms down and is more secure throughout their whole day.

Another issue, potty breaks, is a large misconception in most pet moms and pet dads. Dogs need to urinate at least three times a day. This also means them “holding it” is out of the question. Why? Gall stones, incontinence and even cancer can develop in a dog that is holding it too long, too often.

Austin dog sitter services from Ace Pet Care

Ace Pet Care strives to meet your dog’s needs, as well as your needs, and do so in a professional, healthy and affordable way. Over the last 10 years, we have served most of southwest Austin, providing these services, and expanding on them.

What are our southwest Austin dog sitting services? And, are they right for you?

Potty breaks

Potty breaks are one of the best reasons to hire a dog sitter. Each visit lasts 15 minutes. During this time we let your dog out to relieve himself, provide fresh water and a treat. You won’t need to worry about getting home late from work.

Extended dog sitting visits

While dog sitting visits start at 30 minutes at a time, we are happy to also offer extended scheduled visits. We can offer 45-minute visits, or 60-minute visits for pets that prefer more human attention and interaction. Various scheduling and pricing can be discussed by calling Ace Pet Care now.

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Need overnight dog sitting in Austin?

Ace Pet Care offers overnight stays. Overnight dog sitting is usually from 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM the following morning. These also include a short dog walk, upon request.

What else is included?

House sitting security features like lights, drapes and shade alteration. In fact, we can even leave the TV or radio on if you would like! In the morning, we take care of lights, windows, shades and security – your doors are shut, locked and secure, just like you left them.

For your dog, they get fresh water, food and treats, just like they like. Plus, they get a real companion during the lonely evening and night hours.

We have limited availability for overnight dog sitting stays, so book your overnight in-home dog sitting stay as soon as possible.

Ready to schedule your next dog sitting visit?

If you are ready to schedule your next Austin dog sitting visit, then call us today at (512)484-5840 or email us at our contact page. All calls, emails and request are handled within 24 hours (usually, as soon as they are sent).

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