Austin Surfaces and Healthy Dog Paws

Many dogs go through the summer, not worrying about pain, tenderness or the discomfort of paw pad blisters. Today, we’ve put together a great infographic about dog’s paws, surfaces that help and hurt, as well as how to know when hot is “too hot” for your dog’s paws!

13 Reasons why in your home pet sitting in Austin from professionals is incredible

There are many reasons to choose an in your home Austin pet sitting professional like Ace Pet Care. While this is true, many people rely on neighbors, college students and even Craigslist for unknown help. The surface problem is time spent, but there might be many more issues hidden underneath…

Potty Breaks: How frequently should dogs urinate?

As a pet sitter, I’m asked this question often.  Many people who are traveling will want me to visit their dog twice a day for potty breaks and more. They will tell me that their dog is able to “hold it” for 12 hours. I am sure this is the case. However, this does not mean it is a healthy practice.

Austin pet sitting professionals versus hobbyists [INFOGRAPHIC]

Professional Austin pet sitters know something the general public might not – we are worth it! Costs aside, region aside, the truest value of hiring a professional pet sitter is the long-term comfort and security that one brings. In the end, the happier and safer you and you furkid are, the better